The Unit Trust acquired Valley Link Industrial Estate, Enfield on 1 August 2012, as a tired estate with three vacant units.

We undertook a comprehensive refurbishment project, including re-cladding the estate, installing electric rollershutter doors, improving the yard areas and undertaking an internal refurbishment of the vacant units. We also improved the signage on the estate and re-named it Valley Link Trade Park. The net cost of these works to the Unit Trust was £293,000 (£7 per square foot).

The most recent letting was undertaken at a 46% increase to the average rent on acquisition. The property has increased in value by 54% (after refurbishment costs).

Below are “before and after” photos of Enfield.

  • Enfield Before Refurbishment

    Enfield Before Refurbishment

  • Enfield After Refurbishment

    Enfield After Refurbishment


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